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Pasteli - Greek Sesame & Honey Candy

Pasteli are popular Greek chewy energy snacks made with sesame seeds and honey. There are many variations of this candy, and most of them also include nuts. You can use any nuts or seeds you like, from almonds and pistachios to flaxseed and pumpkin seeds. Just make sure that the honey and seeds/nuts ratio is 1:1. The recipe was adapted from Souvlaki For The Soul.

Pasteli - Greek Sesame & Honey Candy

Category: Petit fours & candies, Bars & squares
Cuisine: Greek

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  • Yields 20-25 bars
  • Prep time: 5min
  • Cook time: 15min
  • Total time: 20min
  • Difficulty: Basic


  • 200g raw sesame seeds
  • 50g raw pistachios
  • 50g raw almonds
  • 300g honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


Line a baking pan (25x15cm) with parchment paper, making sure you cover both the bottom and sides. In a small saucepan, heat the honey until it's pourable. In a separate large pan, combine sesame seeds and nuts and toast them for 3-4 minutes. Pour warm honey over seeds, add salt and mix through. Cook the mixture without stirring over moderate heat until the honey turns a golden brown color and is completely absorbed, about 10 minutes. Pour into the lined pan and smooth the top with a spoon. Cool completely at room temperature. Once cooled, cut the pasteli into individual bars. Store in an airtight container, making sure each layer is separated by a sheet of baking paper (this prevents sticking).

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